2022 Online Conference

6-8 January 2022
Conference Convenors: Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford), Gary Browning (Oxford) Conference Academic Convenors: Adrian Blau (King's College), Benjamin Holland (University of Nottingham) and Marie Moran (University College Dublin). Conference Administrator: Maria Dede (University of Exeter) Because of the UK government advice, December 8 2021, that from Monday Dec 13 individuals should work from home if possible, we are cancelling the PHYSICAL conference in Oxford, and are moving ALL sessions on line.  Registration is still open;  registered participants will have access to all panels and plenary sessions.  If you have already booked accommodation and/or meals at St Catz you will be refunded in the next few weeks. 
Event timetable

Thursday 6th Jan 2022

1230: Exec Committee and Conference registration

1400 – 1530: Cecile Fabre (Oxford) ‘The duty to accept apologies’;  Chair: tba

1600 – 1725

‘Democracy Beyond Elections’

Chair: Chiara Destri;  Panel: Peter Stone; Annabelle Lever & Attila Mráz; Chiara Destri

‘Political Theory: Questions of Method’

Panel: Joseph Mohorcich; Michael Keary; Nicolas Mithen; Adrian Blau; Chair: Carmen Pavel

 Author Meets Critics: Helen McCabe, John Stuart Mill, Socialist (McGill- Queens, 2021) – sponsored by McGill Queens University Press

Discussants: Martin O’Neill; Piers Norris Turner; Chris Brooke; Seamus Flaherty; Tom Holland; Rob Lamb; Chair: tba

1730 – 1855:

‘New Configurations of Space in the History of Political and Legal Thought: Territoriality and Beyond’

Chair: Benjamin Mueser;  Panel: Benjamin Mueser; Matilde Cazzola; Megan Maruschke; James Cullis

‘‘Gender, Race, and Oppression’

Panel: Allesandra Maglie; Katherine O’Donnell; Ashwini Vasanthakumar; Cat Wayland; Chair: tba

Author Meets Critics: Dannica Fleuss, Radical Proceduralism: Ask Citizens, Not Philosophers! (Emerald Publishing, 2021)

Discussants:  Sonia Bussu (Manchester Metropolitan) Rod Dacombe (KCL) Andrew Knops (Birmingham); Chair: tba

2030: Melvin Rogers (Brown) The Soul as the Seat of Aspiration: A Philosophical-Historical Approach; Chair: tba

Friday 7th Jan 2022

0900:  Maeve Cooke (University College Dublin) ‘Re-Envisioning Freedom: Ethical and Political Agency in the Anthropocene’;  Chair: tba

1100 – 12.25 :

‘Genealogy in Political Philosophy: Methods, Applications and Problems’

Chairs: Francesco Testini and Victor Braga Weber;  Panel: Nicholas Smyth; Ugur Aytac & Enzo Rossi; Verena Erlensbusch-Anderson; Daniele Lorenzini

‘Liberalism Contested’ sponsored by Journal of Political Ideologies

Panel: Detlef von Daniels; Jonny Thakkar; Allyn Fives; Chair: tba

Authors meet critics: Emanuela Ceva and Maria Paola Ferretti, Political Corruption: The Internal Enemy of Public Institutions (OUP, 2021)  sponsored by OUP New York

Discussants: Adrian Blau; Cecile Fabre; Jonathan Wolff; Chair: Jonathan Seglow

1315 :AGM

1400: James Alexander (Bilkent) ‘The Caesura in the History of Political Thought and its Consequences for Modern Political Theory’; Chair: tba

1600 – 1725:

‘The Politics of Work’ 

Panel: Caleb Althorpe; Peter Giraudo; Tom Parr; Chair: tba

‘The History of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Political Thought’

Panel: Aude Attuel-Hallade; Vivian Hall; Owen Phillips; Huahui Zhu; Chair: Ross Carroll

Author Meets Critics: Ashwini Vasanthakumar, The Ethics of Exile: A Political Theory of Diaspora (OUP, 2021)

Discussants: David Miller; Carmen Pavel; Eric J. Miller; Catherine Craven; Chair: tba

1730 – 1855:

‘Publicity and Privacy in Democratic Politics’  sponsored by Routledge

Chair: Jonathan Seglow;  Panel: Jim Johnson & Susan Orr; Annabelle Lever; Jonathan Seglow

‘Race and Racism in the History of Political Thought and Political Theory’  sponsored by Contemporary Political Theory

Chair: Adrian Blau;  Panel: Astrid Hampe-Nathaniel; Nasar Meer;  Andreas Sorger

2030: Anniversary Event: Storming of the US Capitol and its implications for democracy

Launch and discussion of Jeff Miller’s new book Democracy in Crisis: Lessons from Ancient Athens  Sponsored by Imprint Academic

Chair: Iain Hampsher-Monk (University of Exeter)  Presenter: Jeff Miller (SUNY, New Paltz ;  Discussants: Yves Sintomer (Paris 8 University): Paul Cartledge (University of Cambridge); Daniela Cammack (UC Berkley)


Saturday 8th Jan 2022

0900 – 1025:

‘Space, Time and Reason’

Panel: John McGuire; Benjamin Mueser; Lowry Pressly; Robert Stone; Chair: tba

‘Democratic Theory’

Panel: Deven Burks; Wenyang Gao; Sixtine Van Outryve D’Ydewalle; Chair: tba

Author Meets Critics: Carmen Pavel, Law beyond the State (OUP, 2021)

Discussants: Jiewuh Song; Andreas Follesdal; Daniel Butt; Chair: tba

1100: Lorna Finlayson (Essex) ‘The Politics of Free Speech’;  Chair: tba

1230 End