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2022 Conference

St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford 6-8 January 2022
Conference Convenors: Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford), Gary Browning (Oxford) Conference Academic Convenors: Adrian Blau (King's College), Benjamin Holland (University of Nottingham) and Marie Moran (University College Dublin). Conference Administrator: Maria Dede (University of Exeter)
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Political Thought Conference January 6-8 2022

Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought conference, 6th-8th January 2022 – St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford Academic Convenors: Adrian Blau (King’s College London), Ben Holland (Nottingham), and Marie Moran (University College Dublin). Conference Convenors: Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes) and Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford).  Conference Administrator: Maria Dede (Exeter).

Plenary speakers: Giorgios Varouxakis (QMUL) ‘What should we do with “the west”?’, James Alexander (Bilkent), ‘The caesura in the history of political thought’, Maeve Cooke (UCD) ‘Re-envisioning freedom: ethical and political agency in the anthropocene’,  Cecile Fabre (Oxford) ‘The duty to accept apologies’, Lorna Finlayson (Essex) ‘The Politics of Free Speach’.

Panel sessions:   Genealogy in Political Philosophy: Methods, Applications and Problems: Nicholas Smyth; Ugur Aytac & Enzo Rossi; Verena Erlensbusch-Anderson; Daniele Lorenzini. Democracy Beyond Elections Chiara Destri; Peter Stone; Annabelle Lever & Attila Mráz. Publicity and Privacy in Democratic Politics: Jim Johnson & Susan Orr; Annabelle Lever; Jonathan Seglow. New Configurations of Space in the History of Political and Legal Thought Benjamin Mueser; Matilde Cazzola; Megan Maruschke; James Cullis.Race and Racism in the History of Political Thought and Political Theory Adrian Blau; Astrid Hampe-Nathaniel; Nasar Meer; Silvia Sebastiani; Andreas Sorger. Political Theory: Questions of Method  Joseph Mohorcich; Michael Keary; Nicolas Mithen; Ruth Kelly. Liberalism Contested  John William Devine; Detlef von Daniels; Jonny Thakkar; Allyn Fives. The History of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Political Thought: Aude Attuel-Hallade; Vivian Hall; Owen Phillips; Huahui Zhu. Democratic Theory: Deven Burks; Wenyang Gao; Sixtine Van Outryve D’Ydewalle. Gender, Race, and Oppression: Alessandra Maglie; Katherine O’Donnell; Ashwini Vasanthakumar; Cat Wayland. The Politics of Work: Caleb Althorpe; Peter Giraudo; Tom Parr. Space, Time and Reason: John McGuire; Benjamin Mueser, Lowry Pressly; Robert Stone.

Author meets critics:   Dannica Fleuss, Radical Proceduralism: Ask Citizens, Not Philosophers!: Sonia Bussu, Rod Dacombe, Andrew Knops; Ashwini Vasanthakumar, The Ethics of Exile: A Political Theory of Diaspora: David Miller, Carmen Pavel, Eric J.Miller; Carmen Pavel, Law beyond the State: Jiewuh Song, Andreas Follesdal, Farnush Ghadery;Emanuela Ceva and Maria Paola Feretti, Political Corruption: The Internal Enemy of Public Institutions: Adrian Blau, Cecile Fabre, Jonathan Wolff;  Helen McCabe, John Stuart Mill, Socialist: Martin O’Neill, Piers Norris Turner, Chris Brooke, Seamus Flaherty, Tom Holland, Robert Lamb.