Sussex University workshop on climate change and the humanities.


Centre for World Environmental History

and the

Centre for Social and Political Thought


A Workshop on Climate Change

 and the Humanities


October 17th 11:00 – 15:50 in A108

11:00    Jacob BerksonUniversity of Sussex

             “The strange mystery of barefaced lying: what comes in the door when truth goes out the window?”


11:40    Linnéa Rowlatt- University of Kent and Freie Universität Berlin

‘Preaching Nature at the Intersection of the Reformation and the Little Ice Age.’  


12:20    Dr Andrew Chitty- University of Sussex

“Ideology and Climate Change Convictions”

13:00    Lunch


14:00    Matthew Hope- University of Bristol and Carbon Brief

‘Framing the politics of climate change: An academic-practitioner perspective.’


14:40    Reader Gideon CalderUniversity of South Wales

‘Climate Change, Nature and Culture’


15:20    Group discussion


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