Political Thought Conference January 7-8 2021 Online

The Political Thought Conference 2021 – in part – will be held on line, January 7&8 2021.  We will soon be launching registration for the following sessions:

Thursday Jan 7 11 a.m. The Politics and Ethics of Autonomy, convenor Kate Townsend, Exeter;

Thursday Jan 7 1330 Early Modern Histories of Civilization:  A Cross-Cultural Enquiry, convenor Leigh Jenco LSE

Thursday Jan 7 3 p.m. First Book Workshop: The politics of misery: Political agency and the medicalization of negative emotions, Dan Degerman, Bristol, author; Mihaela Mihai,  Edinburgh, Chair;

Friday Jan 8 a.m. – p.m. The Intellectual History of Liberal Catholicism in Europe c. 1789-1922, Convenor: Aude Attuel-Hallade, Sorbonne;

Friday Jan 8, a.m.-p.m. Race and Political Theory I: Historical perspectives, II: US Perspectives, III: contemporary and comparative perspectives Convenor: Adrian Blau KCL

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Political Thought Conference January 7-8 2021 Online


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We are delighted to announce that the panels for our APT2021 Online Event can now be found on our website. More details to follow.