Newport Social Ethics Seminar, 2012-13

All on Mondays, at 5.30, in the Graduate Centre at the Caerleon Campus.  All, as ever, welcome.

8 October
Kim Redgrave (London Metropolitan)
‘The Goods of Family Life’

22 October
Derek Clifford (Liverpool John Moores)
‘Against Virtue: A Critique of Demands for Virtue in Professional Practice’

19 November
Enzo Rossi (Newport)
‘The Unfeasibility of Feasibility’

3 December
Andrew Shorten (Limerick)
‘Institutional Autonomy and the “Rule- and Exemption” Approach’ 

14 January
Simon Hailwood (Liverpool)
‘Pragmatists and Sea Squirts’

28 January
Kelly Staples (Leicester)
‘The “New” Politics of Expulsion: A Constitutive Approach’

18 February
Robert Jubb (UCL)
‘Playing Kant at the Court of King Arthur’

11 March
Alice Baderin (Oxford)
‘Political Philosophy and Public Opinion: Against Democratic Restraint’

15 April
Sherilyn MacGregor (Keele)
‘Neither Vulnerable Victims nor Resilient Subjects: Ecological Citizenship in the (Post-political) Age of Stupid’

29 April
Angela Cummine (Oxford)
‘Political Theorists in the Field: A Dangerous Non-division of Labour?’

20 May
Gillian Smith (Newport)
‘Reflective Practice: Applied Philosophy and the Social Professions’

3 June
Martin O’Neill (York)
‘Justifying the Special Significance of Equality of Opportunity’

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