LSE Legal & Political Theory Forum: Calendar of Events 2012-13

 The LSE Forum in Legal & Political Theory holds regular term-time seminars on topics of interest to those working within the broad spheres of political, constitutional and legal theory. All staff and students are most welcome to attend. All events are held in the Moot Court Room, on the 7th floor of the New Academic Building.



Chandran Kukathas (Government)

Thomas Poole (Law)



Michaelmas Term:


  • Oct 17 @ 5-7: Liam Murphy (NYU) on ‘Law Beyond the State’, with discussants TBC
  • Nov 14 @ 5-7: Grégoire Webber (LSE) on ‘Authority, Moral before Legal’
  • Nov 28 @ 5-7: Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield) on ‘Benefitting from Injustice’
  • Dec 5 @ 5-7: Discussion of Lea Ypi’s (LSE) book, Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency (OUP) with Chris Brown (LSE), Gerry Simpson (Melbourne) and Emmanuel Voyiakis (LSE)



Lent Term:


  • Feb 13 @ 5-7: Paul McHugh (Cambridge) on aboriginal rights and common law
  • Feb 20 @ 5-7: Jeremy Webber (Victoria) on theories of justice
  • Feb 27 @ 5-7: Stanley Paulson (Washington) on Kelsen and neo-Kantianism
  • Mar 13 @ 5-7: Daniel Lee (Toronto) on Bodin’s legal thought



Summer Term:


  • Jun 20-21: conference on ‘Law, Liberty, and State’.


Our conference will discuss the theme of Law, Liberty, and State in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Political theorists, international relations scholars, philosophers and lawyers from various fields of public law will present papers on this theme, reflecting on the contribution of the following thinkers: F.A. Hayek, Michael Oakeshott, and Carl Schmitt.



Nehal Bhuta (EUI); David Boucher (Cardiff); David Dyzenhaus (Toronto); Duncan Kelly (Cambridge); Paul Kelly (LSE); Karen Knop (Toronto); Hans Lindahl (Tilburg); Martin Loughlin (LSE); Chandran Kukathas (LSE); Thomas Poole (LSE); Adrian Vermeule (Harvard); Lars Vinx (Bilkent); Lea Ypi (LSE)


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