Current Conference

2024 Conference - Jesus College, Cambridge (January 4th-6th)

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BIAPT 2024 panels:

Academic Convenors: Rebecca Buxton (Bristol), Helen McCabe (Nottingham), and David Owen (Southampton)

Local Organisers: Clare Chambers (Cambridge) and Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)

Conference Administrator: Maria Dede (Loughborough)

The BIAPT conference is the flagship event of the scholarly community of political theorists across Britain and Ireland. Taking place annually since the 1970s, it brings together scholars working across the whole field of political thought.

This year’s panels include:


Plenary speakers:

Liam Kofi Bright (LSE), Chiara Cordelli (Chicago), Peter Niesen (Hamburg), Jennifer Saul (Waterloo), Bernardo Zacka (MIT), and the Women in International Political Thought team (Patricia Owens, Kimberley Hutchings and Katharina Rietzler)

First Book Manuscript:

Katie Ebner Landy (Harvard) “Ethical Icons: Sketching Character in Early Modern Europe”

Author Meets Critics:

Vittorio Bufacchi (University College Cork) “Why Cicero Matters” and Andrea Sangiovanni (KCL) “Solidarity: Nature, Grounds, and Value”


The Problem of Power in Political Theory: Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford), Albena Azmanova (Kent) , Steven Klein (KCL)

Public Opinion in Modern Political Thought: Elena Yia-Jia Zang (Cambridge), Arthur Ghins (KCL), Richard Whatmore (St Andrews)

Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation in Modern Political Thought: Ross Caroll (Dublin City University, )Elad Carmel (University of Jyväskylä), Nicolai von Eggers Mariega (University of Copenhagen), Ariane Viktoria Fichtl (St. Andrews)

Consent, Exclusion, and Obligation: On the Ethics of International Law: Carmen Pavel (KCL), Sean Molloy (Essex), Evangelia Sembou (Independent)

The Political Theory of Labour Unions: Lillian Cicerchia (University of Amsterdam), Udit Bhatia (York), Carl Pierer (Cambridge)

Political Imaginaries of Climate Change: Sofia Hatzisavvidou (Bath), Amanda Machin (University of Agder), Carl Death (Manchester),  Marthe Elden Wilhelmsen (University of Agder)

Critical Approaches to Republicanism: Carmila Vergara (Cambridge), Igor Shoikhedbrod (St. Francis Xavier University), Tatiana Llaguno (University of Groningen)

Structural Domination and Emancipation: William Paris (University of Toronto), Dorothea Gädeke (Utrecht University), Vincent Harting (LSE)

Revisiting Kant’s Race Theory and Moral Universalism – Decolonial and Feminist Perspectives: Jasmin Gani (St Andrews) , Corey Beckford (CUNY), Maria Mejia (University of Illinois)

Relationality, Respect, and Their Unexpected Woe: Desiree Lim (Penn State), Marion Goman (Aarhus University), Jake Lehrle-Fry (Aarhus University)

Vicious Passions: Domination and Ambition in the 18th Century: Signy Gutnick Allen (Zurich), Robin Douglass (KCL), Jason Canon (Cambridge)

Migration: Jamie Draper (Utrecht University), Rufaida Al Hashmi (Reading), Gloria Zuccarelli (University of Eastern Piedmont)

Methods in Political Thought: Leonardo Menezes (Universidade do Minho), Simon Pistor (Universität St.Gallen), Ane Engelstad (Leeds)

Realism and Non-Ideal Theory: Adam Coleman (Cambridge), Jordan Walters (McGill), Rebecca Clark (Oxford)

Status and Harm: Bradley Hillier Smith (St Andrews),  Ana Maria Szilagyi (SciencePo),  Loubna El Amine (Northwestern University)

Machiavelli, Hume, and Montesquieu on Power: Piao Mao (Southampton) , Robert Spadidakis (McGill), Yuchen Sun (KCL)

Constituent Power: New Debates‘ – Guest Panel by the German Association for Political Theory and History of Ideas: Anna Meine (Siegen), Markus Patberg (Hamburg), Martin Nonhoff (Bremen)