Current Conference

2023 Conference

5-7 January 2023
Conference Convenors: Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford), Gary Browning (Oxford) Conference Academic Convenors: Udit Bhatia (Sheffield), Maxime Lepoutre (Reading), and Ashwini Vasanthakumar (Queen’s). Conference Administrator: Maria Dede (University of Loughborough)
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Political Thought Conference January 5-7 2023

The APT conference is the flagship event of the scholarly community of political theorists across Britain and Northern Ireland. Taking place annually in Oxford since the 1970s, it brings together scholars working across the whole field of political thought.

This year’s academic convenors are Udit Bhatia, Maxime Lepoutre, and Ashwini Vasanthakumar;  the plenary speakers are: Duncan Bell (Cambridge), Lisa Herzog (Groningen), Jan Kandiyali (Durham), Catherine Lu (McGill), Suzanne Whitten (Queen’s Belfast), and Lea Ypi (LSE)

Panel sessions are planned with the following titles:

  • The Early Modern State: Debates and Legacies
  • Citizenship, Ideology, and Fiction:  Judith Shklar  Beyond the Liberalism of Fear
  • Dissent, Disobedience, Resistance
  • Radical Republicanism: Plebeian Institutions and Methods
  • Resisting Colonialism: Contemporary Approaches
  • The EU as Agent of Justice and Democracy
  • The Philosophical Foundations of Socialism
  • Incorporating the Marginalized in Political Theory
  • Tracy B. Strong’s Politics without Vision 10 years on
  • Contemporary Democratic Innovations
  • Resisting Colonialism: Historical Approaches
  • The Political Foucault Reconsidered
  • Circulation and ‘Modernization’ of Political Concepts in China: Slavery, Self-Government and the Political Sphere
  • Organizational Strategy, the State, and Moral Development in Democratic Society
  • Confronting the Anthropocene
  • Themes in (Neo) Republican Freedom

Details of book workshops and author meets critics sessions will be published soon.