2020 Conference

St Catherine’s College, Oxford (Mary Sunley Building) January 9-11, 2020
Event timetable

Thursday 9th Jan 2020

12:30 p.m. JCR: Executive committee meeting – Exec members only

                     JCR: Conference registration and publishers’ exhibitions open

2.00 Plenary 1, JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz: Shatema Threadcraft (Dartmouth College), ‘Redistributing Narrative Capital: Lynching, Rape and the Stories of Black Peoplehood’, Chair: Terrell Carver

Sponsor: Contemporary Political Theory

3.30 Tea: St Catz JCR

4.00-5.30 Panels 1

Seminar Room D, Manor Road Building: Colonialism

  • Menaka Philip (Tulane University), ‘The Revolutionary, the Aristocrat, and the Company Man: Three Thinkers on Empire’
  • Shuk Ying Chan (Princeton University), ‘Towards A Postcolonial Global Justice: The Egalitarian Basis of Anticolonialism’
  • Éléna Choquette (University of Cambridge) Empowering the settler expansion of Canada: the colonial liberal thinking of George Brown

Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building: Eighteenth-Nineteenth Century History of Political Thought

  • Adela Halo (Queen Mary), ‘The Moral Identity of Republican France: Women, and Religion in the Thought of Germaine de Staël’
  • Robin Douglass (King’s College), ‘Bernard Mandeville on the Use and Abuse of Hypocrisy’
  • Tsin Yen Koh (Yale-NUS College), ‘Bentham on Judgment and Religion’

Seminar Room F, Manor Road Building:  Democracy, liberty, and the digital era

  • Kai Spiekermann (LSE), ‘Democratic Equality in the Public Sphere (And Why Social Media May Undermine It)’
  • Adrian Blau (King’s College), ‘Post-Truth Politics and the Rise of Bullshit’
  • Maria Dimova-Cookson (Durham University), ‘Value pluralism and the duality of freedom: Isaiah Berlin and T.H. Green on the link between freedom and value’

5.30-7.00 Panels 2

Seminar Room D, Manor Road Building: Justification and Pluralism

  • Allyn Fives (NUI Galway), ‘A Value Pluralist Defense of Toleration’
  • Cristobal Bellolio (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), ‘The liberal duty of factual justification’
  • John William Devine (Swansea), ‘The Democratic Integrity Dilemma’

Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building: Revising Democracy

  • Gisli Vogler (Edinburgh University), ‘Negotiating Affect and Deliberation in Democratic Theory – A Turn to Sociology on Reflexivity’
  • Charlie Mealings (King’s College), ‘Rendering citizens legitimate: Synergies of agonistic relations and deliberative talk’
  • Dimitrios Efthymiou (Frankfurt), ‘Political Rights for All! How to Robustly Protect EU’s Citizens from Political Domination’

Seminar Room F, Manor Road Building: Relations and Justice

  • Kate Goldie Townsend (Exeter), ‘Are Children Bad for Mothers?’
  • Katy Wells  (University of Warwick) & Emily McTernan (UCL), ‘“Families we choose”: giving priority to friendship’
  • Charles des Portes (Leeds), ‘Arendt’s phenomenology of plurality and the feminist authentic ‘we’’

7- 8.30 Dinner: St Catz Hall

8.30-10,  APT Lecture Jerry Gaus (University of Arizona), ‘Social Morality as a Second-Level Morality’, JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz, Chair: Elizabeth Frazer

Friday 10th Jan 2020

9 – 10.30 Plenary 2, JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz: Andrew March (UMass Amherst),  ‘From “Islamic Democracy” to “Muslim Democracy”: Towards a Post-Sovereigntist Islamic Political Thought’, Chair: Alasia Nuti

10.30 Coffee: St Catz JCR

11 – 12.30 Panels 3

Seminar Room D, Manor Road Building: ‘Electoral Ethics: Theory and Practice’ (organised by Andrei Poama)

  • Annabelle Lever (SciencesPo, Paris), ‘The Ethics of Voting: A Pluralistic Account’
  • Marcus Häggrot (Goethe University), ‘Residence-based Representation Revisited’
  • Andrei Poama (Leiden University) and Alexandru Volacu (SNSPA, Bucharest), ‘The Electoral Disenfranchisement of the Elderly: A Normative Assessment’

JCR PDR, St Catz: The Limits of Western liberalism

  • Marie Moran (UCD Dublin), ‘An Equality Framework for 21st Century Socialism’
  • Jiyan Qiao (Leiden University), ‘Human Nature and Governance — Political Theory in Eleventh China, A Glocal Intellectual History’
  • John McGuire (University College Dublin), ‘Arkhê and Kratos’

Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building: Liberty and the Economy

  • Chun Hong Lau (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), ‘Against the Economic View of Time in the Workplace’
  • Patrick Cockburn (Swansea University), ‘What is economic dependence?’
  • Nick Cowen (NY University School of Law), ‘From moral sentiments to moral powers: a Smithian case for basic economic Liberties’

Seminar Room F, Manor Road Building: Heretical Visions on Camera: Political Resistance at the Intersection of Political Theory and Cinema

  • Bogdan Popa (University of Cambridge), ‘Do Socialist Realist Films Have Any Future?’
  • Camil Ungureanu (Pompeu Fabra University), ‘Populism, the Political Imagination and Documentary-Making’
  • Mihaela Mihai (Edinburgh University), ‘The Cinema of Complicity and Impure Resistances’

12.30 -1.15 Lunch St.Catz Hall

1:15-200: JCR Lecture Theatre, AGM Part 1: all conference participants are members of the APT and are encouraged to attend. (The AGM of the Political Studies Association, political thought specialist group, will also be held)

2.00-3.30  Plenary 3, JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz: Katrina Forrester (Harvard University), ‘Feminist Demands and the Problem of Housework’, Chair: Robert Lamb

Sponsor: Princeton Univ Press

3:30-3:45 Tea: St Catz JCR

3:45-5:00   First Book Workshops

Sponsor: Springer

(1) James Souter (Leeds), ‘Title of Abstract: Asylum as Reparation: Responsibilities to Refugees in an Age of Displacement’, (JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz), Chair: Emily McTernan

  • James Souter
  • Discussant 1: David Owen (University of Southampton)
  • Discussant 2: Clara Sandelind (University of Sheffield)

(2) Ross Carroll (University of Exeter), ‘Uncivil Mirth: The Politics of Ridicule from Shaftesbury to Wollstonecraft’, (JCR PDR St Catz), Chair: Robert Lamb

  • Ross Carroll
  • Discussant 1: Teresa Bejan (University of Oxford)
  • Discussant 2: Chris Brooke (University of Cambridge)

5- 6.30 Plenary 4 (JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz): Serena Olsaretti (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), ‘Self-Interest and Gender Justice: Friends or Foes?’ Chair: Richard Bellamy

Sponsor: CRISPP

6.30 Reception: St Catz JCR

Sponsor: History of Political Thought, Imprint Academic

7.15.  Dinner: St Catz Hall

Saturday 11th Jan 2020

9.00-10.30 Plenary 5 (JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz): Linda Zerilli (University of Chicago), ‘Fact-Checking and Truth-Telling in an Age of ‘Alternative Facts’, Chair: Emily McTernan

10.30               Coffee: St Catz JCR

10.45- 12.30 Panels 5

(1) JCR PDR St Catz: ‘Factions, Parties, and Popular Rule: Perspectives from Republican and Neo-Republican Political Thought’ (organised by David Ragazzoni)

  • Prithviraj Datta (Franklin and Marshall), ‘On the Domination-limiting Effects of Responsible Party Systems’
  • David Ragazzoni (Columbia University), ‘Partisan friends” and “Partisan enemies”: Machiavelli’s Ambivalent Partisanship’
  • Cody Trojan (UCLA), ‘Republican Ambivalence: Rousseau’s Citizens, Pettit’s Subjects, and the Problem of Popular Rule’
  • Lucia Rubinelli (University of Cambridge), Discussant

 (2) Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building: ‘The Circumstances of Sortition’ (organised by Keith Sutherland)

  • David Owen (University of Southampton), ‘The Uses of Sortition’
  • Yves Sintomer (Université de Paris 8), ‘The Contrasted Models of Democracy in Sortition-Based Innovations’
  • Keith Sutherland (University of Exeter), ‘Isegoria and Isonomia: Election by Lot and the Democratic Diarchy’
  • Peter Stone (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The Paradox of Sortition’

(3) Seminar Room F, Manor Road Building: ‘Contemporary Aristotelianism’ (organised by Tony Burns)

  • Tony Burns (University of Nottingham), ‘Aristotle and the Politics of Recognition’
  • Eleni Leontsini (University of Ioannina): “Re-assessing Liberty in Aristotle’s Political Thought: Towards a Neo-Aristotelian Notion of Freedom as ‘Participation in Government’
  • Andrius Bielskis (Mykolas Romeris University): ‘The Centrality of Slavery in Aristotle’s Political Philosophy: A Critique’
  • Kelvin Knight (London Metropolitan University): ‘Moyn, Marx, MacIntyre and Maritain on States, Corporations and Humans’Rights’

(4) JCR Lecture Theatre, St Catz: ‘Rethinking the Critique of Violence (Authors meet critics: organised by Mathias Thaler)

Sponsor: Polity Press

  • Elizabeth Frazer (Oxford University) and Kimberly Hutchings (Queen Mary, University of London) – Book Authors: Can Political Violence Ever Be Justified? (Polity 2019)
  • Mathias Thaler (University of Edinburgh) – Book Author: Naming Violence (Columbia University Press, 2018)
  • Christopher Finlay (Durham University) – Commentator
  • Amanda Cawston (University of Tilburg) – Commentator
  • Christof Royer (University of St Andrews) – Commentator
  • Elke Schwarz (Queen Mary, University of London) – Commentator

12.30-1.15p.m.  AGM Part 2 (if needed) – St Catz JCR


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