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2020 Conference

St Catherine’s College, Oxford (Mary Sunley Building) January 9-11, 2020

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The next BIAPT Political Thought Conference will be held at St Catherines College, Oxford, January 9-11 2020.

BIAPT Lecturer: Jerry Gaus, University of Arizona.

Plenary speakers: Katrina Forrester, Harvard; Andrew March, UMass, Amherst; Serena Olsaretti, Barcelona; Shatema Threadcraft, Dartmouth Coll; Linda Zerilli, Chicago.

Panel sessions: Colonialism (Menaka Philip, Tulane; Shuk Ying Chan, Princeton; Elena Choquette, Cambridge); C18-19 History of Political Thought (Adela Halo, QMUL; Robin Douglass KCL; Tsin Yen Koh (Yale-NUS College);  Democracy, liberty and the digital era (Kai Spiekermann, LSE; Adrian Blau, KCL; Maria Dimova-Cookson, Durham);  Justification and pluralism (Allyn Fives, NUI Galway; Cristobal Bellolio, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez; John William Devine, Swansea);  Revising Democracy (Gisli Vogler, Edinburgh; Charlie Mealings, KCL; Dimitrios Efthyumiou, Frankfurt);  Relations and Justice (Katie Goldie Townsend, Exeter; Katy Wells, Warwick; Charles des Portes, Leeds);  Protest and artefacts (John McGuire, UCD; Chong Ming Lim, Oxford; Almudenba Molina, Sussex); Limits of western liberalism (Marie Moran, UCD; Jiyan Qiao, Leiden; Christopher Nathan, Warwick);  Liberty and Economy (Chun Hong Lau, HKUST; Patrick Cockburn, Swansea; Nick Cowen (NYU)); Heretical visions on camera: Political Resistence at the Intersection of Political Theory and Cinema Factions (Bogdan Popa, Cambridge; Camil Ungureanu, Pompeu Fabra University; Mihaela Mihai, Edinburgh);Factions, Parties and Popular Rule (Prithviraj Datta, Franklin and Marshall;  David Ragazzoni, Columbia;  Cody Trojan, UCLA;  Lucia Rubinelli, Cambridge);  Electoral Ethics (Annabel Lever, SciencesPo; Marcus Häggrot (Goethe University); Andrei Poama, Leiden; Alexandru Volacu, SNSPA Bucharest);  Sortition (David Owen, Southampton; Yve Sintomer, Paris 8; Keith Sutherland, Exeter; Peter Stone, TCD);  Contemporary Aristotelianism (Tony Burns, Nottingham; Eleni Leontsini, Ioannina;  Andrius Bielskis. Mykolas Romeris University; Jeffery L. Nicholas (Providence College);  Critique of Violence (Mathias Thaler, Edinburgh, Kimberly Hutchings, QMUL, Elizabeth Frazer, Oxford, Elke Schwarz, QMUL; Christof Royer; Amanda Cawston, Tilburg)

First Book workshops: James Souter Asylum as Reparation;  Ross Carroll Uncivil Mirth: the politics of ridicule from Shafesbury to Wollstonecraft

Academic convenors: Robert Lamb, Exeter; Emily McTernan, UCL; and Alasia Nuti, York.

Conference convenors: Gary Browning, Oxford Brookes and Elizabeth Frazer, Oxford.

Conference administrator: Maria Dede, Exeter.

Pre-registration for the conference is now open.



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