2002 Conference

Chris Brooke has found this information, although he hasn’t sent the original document with times etc – if anyone can scan the document and send it in to us, please do so. Talks are listed below.
Event timetable

* Russell Keat, University of Edinburgh, “Value Free Critique? Habermas on the Colonisation of the Lifeworld”

* Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research, “Institutionalizing Democratic Justice: The Redistribution / Recognition Dilemma Revisited”

* Simon Tormey, University of Nottingham, “Left Radicalism and the Postmodern Imaginary”

* Robert Stern, University of Sheffield, “Hegel, Rousseau, and the French Revolution”

* Cecile Laborde, King’s College, London, “On Republican Toleration”

* Roundtable on Oakeshott: David Boucher (Cardiff, Chair), Ken Minogue (LSE), Patrick Riley (Wisconsin-Madison), Corey Abel (Denver)

* Shane O’Neill, QUB, “Group Rights and Political Emancipation”

* Sally Jenkinson, London and UCLA, “The Evolution of Naturalistic Moral Psychology: Bayle’s Neo-Stoical Ideas and the English Speaking Enlightenment”.



Chris says: “At least, that was the advertised talk, my notes say she gave a paper on “Toleration, Revolution, and Innate Ideas: a Non-Meeting of Minds”, which was on the interesting fact that Locke and Bayle were living very close to one another in Rotterdam for a while, but never seem to have met, which suggests that they were deliberately avoiding one another, Rotterdam being quite so small.

I think–in fact, I’m pretty sure–this was the first one I attended. It was also the only time I met Robert Wokler, who was there.”

List of Conference Attendants 2002