CfP On the Future of Constitutionalism: Perspectives for Democratizing Constitutional Law

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On the Future of Constitutionalism: Perspectives for Democratizing Constitutional Law


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

4-7 November 2014


Federal University of Minas Gerais

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais


The Federal University of Minas Gerais, through its Centre of Graduate Studies in Law, invites legal researchers, political philosophers and researchers from analogous areas from around the world to submit abstracts for oral presentation in the First International Symposium on Constitutional Law and Political Philosophy, which will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, between 4 and 7 November 2014, at the Law School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais). .

Applicants should submit their abstracts through the Online submission system, accessible on, between 5 June 2014 and 05 October 2014. Applicants will be notified of the result of their submissions within 30 days of the receipt of their submissions.

Submissions will be accepted in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Presentations must be held in one of these three languages.

Abstracts should contain between 500 and 800 words and must fit in one of the following Working Groups:

i)               Theories of constitutional interpretation;

ii)              New strategies for democratizing judicial review;

iii)            Democratic freedoms and their restrictions: freedom of religion, freedom of speech and analogous rights;

iv)             Consequentialist arguments and extralegal considerations in judicial review;

v)              Towards Global Constitutionalism and an International Community of Principles;

vi)             The Constitutionalization of the branches of law and legal dogmatics;

vii)           History of Constitutionalism, Brazilian Constitutional History and Political Reforms;

viii)          Judicial Activism and Judicial Behavior;

ix)             Contemporary Theories of Democracy;

x)              Constitutionalism’s Political and Philosophical Foundations;

xi)             Constitutional Law and Politics: the interference of judicial review over the political and electoral process.

By 24th October, the Organizing Committee will publish a Book of Abstracts with the papers accepted for oral presentation, as well as the list of Working Groups and the schedule of presentations.

Authors who do not register in the conference and pay the registration fee before 5th October 2014 will not have their abstracts included in the Book of Abstracts.

Papers presented in the conference, by at least one of its authors, will be eligible for publication in the Conference’s Proceedings, which will be edited within 6 months after the conference.

The complete version of the paper should be submitted until 17th November 2014, and the Proceedings will be published within 6 months of this deadline.

The submission procedure is regulated by the following guidelines:

1. Papers should be double-spaced and have between 5,000 and 8,000 words, inclusive of footnotes.

2. Papers should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style, which can be downloaded in the following link:

2.1. A “Quick Guide” to the Chicago Manual of Style can be accessed here:

2.2. Authors should indicate, in the first footnote of their papers, their academic degree, institutional affiliation, country and e-mail address.

3. Each author must submit only one abstract, indicating the Working Group to which the paper is submitted.

4. The Organizing Committee may redirect submissions to other Working Groups without prior notification or authorization of the authors.

5. Co-authored papers will be accepted, but the number of authors per paper is limited to two.

6. In case of double-authored submissions, both authors must be registered in the conference before 5th October 2014.

7. Only registered participants will be allowed to present their papers and have their abstracts published in the “Bookf of Abstracts”.

8. Only papers actually presented in the conference, by at least one of the authors, will be eligible for publication in the Proceedings.

9. The Organizing Committee will be empowered to deal with situations not contemplated in these regulations.

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