BIAPT conference 2024 in Cambridge: Call for Papers

4-6th January 2024 – Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Academic Convenors: Rebecca Buxton (Bristol), Helen McCabe (Nottingham), and David Owen (Southampton)

Local Organisers: Clare Chambers (Cambridge) and Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)

The BIAPT conference is the flagship event of the scholarly community of political theorists across Britain and Ireland. Taking place annually since the 1970s, it brings together scholars working across the whole field of political thought.

This year’s plenary speakers are: Liam Kofi Bright (LSE), Chiara Cordelli (Chicago), Peter Niesen (Hamburg), Jennifer Saul (Waterloo), Bernardo Zacka (MIT), and the Women in International Political Thought team (Patricia Owens, Kimberley Hutchings and Katharina Rietzler)

We invite proposals from political theorists, philosophers, and historians of political thought in the following formats:

(1) Panel proposals of three papers per panel (please include panel title, authors and their contact details, plus paper abstracts, up to 1000 words for complete panel proposal);

(2) Individual paper proposals (please include paper title, author, and abstract up to 300 words; accepted proposals will be organised into panel sessions by the Academic Convenors);

(3) ‘Author meets critics’ roundtables (please include book title, publisher and year, and description, including provisional list of critics and their affiliations, up to 500 words). Please note that it is expected that only up to 3 proposals will be accepted in this format.

(4) First book manuscript workshop, where monograph manuscripts of an author’s first book will be presented and discussed with selected respondents (please submit a description of your manuscript and a list of up to 4 provisional respondents, up to 1000 words. At least one respondent should be confirmed; the Academic Convenors are happy to contact other prospective respondents if desired). Please note that it is expected that only up to 2 proposals will be accepted in this format.

We look forward to a conference that represents a diverse set of intellectual traditions, including analytic and normative political philosophy, the history of ideas, all traditions of critical theory, as well as comparative/global political theory. Panels that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries and submissions from graduate students are welcome.

Please submit proposals to the final deadline for submission is Friday June 30, 2023.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the conference!

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