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The Association’s  aim is to promote the study of all branches of political thought.  The study of political thought is interdisciplinary, encompassing work in political science, philosophy, history, law, sociology, economics, cultural and literary studies.  The Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought (APT) aims to enable researchers and scholars from all these fields and others to work together and exchange ideas.

The Political Thought Conference

The Political Thought Conference has been held in Oxford, first at New College, now at St Catherine’s, annually since the 1970s.  (Its history remains to be written! See our archive pages for more ….)   Over that time it has become a vital part of the intellectual and professional calendar. Three things make it a unique occasion.

Depth: At the APT conference all sessions are plenary. This means that papers can  be full length, followed by vigorous discussion and debate. After-dinner presentations allow for lively polemics and engaged reflections on the state of the field.

Breadth: The APT conference is strikingly and unusually pluralist. It attracts an international range of researchers from all the sub-fields of political theory: normative and critical; analytic and interpretive; historical and contemporary; Anglo-American and Continental European.

Intensity: Taking place over three days and two nights at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, the Political Thought Conference is a chance to catch up with colleagues and to meet publishers, journal editors and research funders. It is an ideal opportunity for graduate students and early-career researchers to talk with established leaders of the field who are there to hear the newest voices.

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